Thursday, March 08, 2007


DVD review from Nick at Nite


I am so creeped out by this movie. Really, what could have possessed Nicole Kidman to make it. Did she need the money? No. Was she bored? Can't see how, what with all the drama in her personal life. Was it for the sake of art? If you believe this is art, then I have some blank canvasses to sell you. Personally, I think she did it to spite Tom Cruise. Basically, Ms. Kidman plays a widower who is taken by an eleven year old who claims to be the reincarnation of her deceased husband. Sound creepy? It is, especially when you know about the bathtub scenes. This makes it sound worse than it really is, but it is still pretty bad. To make matters worse, I am not exactly sure what happened in the movie. The ending makes no sense. Was it real, was it not, is Ms. Kidman crazy, was the kid crazy? Ultimately, I watched it to see what happened and because I could not take my eyes off of the train wreck. I give it an "F."


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