Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Night Watch

DVD review from Nick at Nite

Night Watch

Watched this Russian horror film last week. It was horrible. I was expecting it to be subtitled. Instead it was dubbed like a bad Godzilla movie. Something about people who live in the dark and people who live in the light and the eternal battle they have had for the last five hundred years. Apparently, they started a truce so that they could coexist on the planet during a battle five hundred years ago (the flashback sequence was the only good part of the film). Ultimately, I think the good guys won. I found myself rooting for either side to get killed off so the movie would just be over. Honestly, I got so bored that I started reading a book during the movie - not a very good book at that. Sad. Very sad. So, don't believe the hype. I think the critics proclaimed this to be the best Russian movie last year because it was the only Russian movie made last year. I give it an "N." For Nyet. Isn't that a Russian word?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick at Nite's posting leaves the reader with anything but a review of the movie. Should have seen it in Russian with subtitles as it's presented on the DVD. Any movie without its original language is at best half a movie. The special effects were fantastic, creative, and electrifying. The story was an interesting variation of the vampire theme. The actors were excellent. Don't "not watch" this movie because of Nick's posting. It's well worth the watch - a few times! Nick: try watching this movie when you're not in such a bad mood!

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