Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Last Winter

New review from Nick at Nite

The Last Winter

On Demand and the Independent Film Channel have a cool feature that allows you to watch a few first run releases in the comfort of your own home. I took advantage of this feature to watch the first run release The Last Winter over this last weekend. This horror flick asks this question, "What happens when you combine global warming and arctic drilling?" The obvious answer, hey, it is on the Independent Film Channel, is - nothing good. The basic premise is as follows. Big, bad oil company gets an exclusive contract to drill in a protected arctic region. They had done some drilling years ago and stopped for some unexplained reason. The permafrost is now melting (blame global warming, George Bush, and that show on Discovery Channel about ice rigs). Something is creeping up through the melting permafrost. This something is bad and is either going to kill everyone or make them go crazy. The acting is fine. The story is okay. The special effects are a little lacking, but it is an independent film. That said, the arctic region makes for an impressive backdrop. It is starkly white. I enjoyed it. I give it a "B+".


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