Monday, February 18, 2008


New movie review from The Movie Snob

Persepolis (B+). As I understand it, this movie is based on an autobiographical comic book or graphic novel by a young woman from Iran. It is an animated feature created in a stark, simple style that is both unlike anything I can remember and strangely effective. The protagonist, Marjane, is apparently the only child of a reasonably well-to-do married couple living in Tehran. When she is only about 5, the Shah is toppled from power. Her gentle Marxist uncle predicts a new era of peace and harmony, but of course the new Islamic regime has nothing of the sort in mind. Then the long war between Iraq and Iran rains death and destruction on Tehran. When Marjane is 14, her parents finally decide to send her to Austria for her own safety, but she eventually returns. When the movie focuses on Marjane's romantic woes, it drags, but when it focuses on Iran itself, as seen through Marjane's eyes, it is riveting. If there is any justice, this movie will trample Ratatouille and take the animated-feature Oscar.


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