Saturday, June 28, 2008


New review from The Movie Snob

WALL E (A-). I enjoyed the heck of this movie, which boasts a good story and great animation. Several hundred years in the future, the Earth is a polluted, trashed-out wreck of a planet. The people are all gone, but one little robot, called a WALL E (who reminds me of a miniature version of Number Five from the classic Short Circuit), still gamely goes about his business, which is compacting garbage into little cubes and neatly stacking the cubes into skyscraper-sized piles. But over the eons he has developed a soul, and he has a little house strung with Christmas lights where he stores little treasures he has collected from the refuse (like a Rubik's Cube) and frequently watches a videotape of a romantic scene from some old musical (Hello, Dolly, I read somewhere). Then, one day, a rocket ship drops a little white probe on Earth right in WALL E's neighborhood. Acronymed EVE, the softly rounded but heavily armed probe quickly wins WALL E's silicon heart. When EVE returns to space, the smitten WALL E follows her, we find out what has happened to mankind in the hundreds of years since we left Earth, and the adventure really begins. Could be the best Pixar picture yet, and that is saying something.


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