Monday, November 02, 2009


The Borg Queen assimiliates this DVD

Obsessed - D+

It was slim pickings on my netflix queue. This movie was entertaining enough for a run-of-the-mill single-white-female-type flick when I had absolutely nothing else to do, but there was nothing new about it. This is a story about a temporary secretary (Lisa) who becomes obsessed with a rich, married executive (Derek). All of the typical things occur--such as Lisa attempting to corner Derek into an "encounter," threats to the family, etc. But the story was the same story we've seen multiple times before, and it didn't have any edge to it at all. To say that the characters were underdeveloped would be a compliment, as I don't really believe they were developed at all. The acting was also mediocre, and I thought Beyonce (who played the role of Derek's wife) was sub-par.


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