Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Weeks Notice

DVD review from The Movie Snob

Two Weeks Notice (D). Maybe I would not have loathed this movie so much if I had been able to slog through it all in one sitting. But as it happened, the first DVD I watched had a flaw in it that made it shut down at about the one-hour mark. Fortunately (?), the Borg Queen had a copy, so I finished watching it a few days after my initial attempt. Ugh. This movie is terrible. Sandra Bullock (Speed) plays a liberal do-gooder lawyer who goes to work for an immature, philandering real-estate magnate played by Hugh Grant (About a Boy). The title comes from the uninteresting fact that she eventually gets sick of it and gives him her two weeks notice. She's not even an interesting liberal -- saving some old community center on Coney Island from the wrecking ball is her main cause. There's lots of embarrassingly bad dialogue, although I think Hugh's character had a few decent one-liners in the early going. Learn from my mistake and avoid this movie.


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