Monday, May 28, 2007


A new movie review from The Movie Snob

Once (B+). This little Irish film has apparently been getting pretty good reviews. The protagonists are charmingly referred to in the movie and the credits simply as the Guy and the Girl. The Guy (played by one of the guitarists in The Commitments) is a middle-aged Irish guy who plays the guitar, writes his own songs, and sings on street corners. The Girl is a noticeably younger woman from the Czech Republic who also loves music, plays the piano, and sings and writes songs. A delicate friendship is born after the Girl strikes up a conversation with the Guy. They play and sing together, and each gets to know a little about the sorrows the other has experienced. Will they act on their attraction to each other? How many movies have turned on that question? This is a better rendition of that age-old theme than many, and the music isn't bad. Worth a look.


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