Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Movie review from Nick at Nite.

300. Wow. A visually stunning masterpiece. Saw this last night at the dollar movie. Tuesday is fifty cent night. It is like they are paying you to go to the movie, which almost makes up for the three troublemakers that talked throughout the movie in the row behind me. Very impressive on the big screen. Battle carnage is just not the same on the small television in your house. 300, based on a comic book, tells the story of 300 Spartans who defended Sparta and Greece from the evil Persian empire. It is a very violent, sometimes cheesy, and always over-the-top film. It is not kid friendly. Some nudity, a rape, and tons of killing. It is also painfully clear from the portrayal of the valiant Spartans and the roguish, marauding Persians, why many in the Middle East are irate with the film. I give 300 an "A."


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