Monday, October 22, 2007


DVD review from Nick at Nite


Huh, what? I sat through an hour and half of this weirdness for that ending? I won't give it away in case you have nothing else to do with your life, but please. This movie, the theatrical release of an apparently very successful play, does not translate well to the big screen or perhaps it wasn't a good play as well. I digress. Starring Ashley Judd, Harry Connick, Jr., and a guy I have never seen before, this snoozer follows a despondent mother and a weird guy who live in a Route 66-like hotel. The weird guy thinks his body is being attacked by bugs. The despondent mother is sucked into the weird guy's reality and things quickly go from bad to worse. I rented this hoping for a little pre-Halloween spook, all I got was an opportunity to doze off on the couch. Stay away from this one. I give it an "F."


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