Sunday, November 25, 2007

India: Kingdom of the Tiger

New review from The Movie Snob

India: Kingdom of the Tiger (B-). Thanksgiving can mean only one thing -- time for another trip to Arkansas's only IMAX theater on Friday evening for Family Fun Night. The price has gone up to $5.50, but that's still a pretty good deal for an IMAX movie, popcorn, and a coke. I note that this was actually a 2002 release; seems like Little Rock's IMAX offerings are usually less than cutting egse. Anyway, this is a movie about the Bengal tiger, which has now been pushed close to extinction. (The movie asserts that there about 3000 specimens left in the wild). Along with the expected high-quality footage of the tigers, we also get the story of one of India's first conservationists, Jim Corbett. He actually started out a famous tiger hunter, and we see him in action, stalking a maneating tiger that killed 20+ people before Corbett tracked it down. But later in his career, Corbett was a principal mover in the founding of India's national parks. Not bad, if not one of the best IMAX offerings.


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