Thursday, March 13, 2008


DVD review from The Movie Snob

Bambi (B+). I had never seen this movie before, but of course I had some idea what it was about. The scene in which Bambi's mother is shot by hunters is infamous for traumatizing generations of children. After hearing about this scene forever, I was surprised at how short and ungraphic it is. Anyway, the animation is beautiful, as you would expect, and the story is a nicely meandering little tale about a deer named Bambi through maybe his first two years of life. One thing that struck me as very odd is the opening sequence, in which the animals of the forest hear the news that a "new prince" has been born, and they all chatter excitedly about it as they rush through the forest to their destination--the sheltered spot where Bambi is curled up next to his mother. The father is nowhere to be seen, unless he is the great stag glimpsed on a nearby rocky outcropping at the very end of the scene. It's like the Nativity, only set in Eden. Finally, human beings come in for quite a drubbing for our bloodthirsty and destructive ways. Interesting film.


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