Friday, March 21, 2008

John Adams (HBO)

Nick at Nite goes revolutionary

John Adams (Episodes 1 and 2)

The folks at HBO are impressive. I am certain they could do a mini-series on any two- or three-year period of my life and make it look interesting. So, when they get an actually interesting topic, e.g., the birth of our great nation, they can easily serve up a masterpiece. Paul Giamatti, the greatest actor of our generation, stars as John Adams, lawyer, statesman, and bald guy. I am two episodes in and I am hooked. It is a little hokey at times, but that is mostly because we used to do a ton of hokey things. Give this series a shot. You learn something and you will see a bunch of bald dudes with bad wigs. One warning. Do not get distracted by George Washington’s big nose. Seriously, avert your eyes when he is on screen. So far, I give it an “A.”


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