Monday, August 11, 2008

Tooth and Nail/Signal double feature

DVD reviews from Nick at Nite

Tooth and Nail

Several months ago there was an ad campaign for eight horror films, “Eight Films to Die For.” Some theaters were showing the movies one at a time on eight consecutive nights (including a local drive-in movie theater). These movies were supposed to be original and spooky. They were from good writers and directors. After a short stop in theater, the movies were going to straight to your local Blockbuster for the average movie fan. That is where I found this complete waste of time. Tooth and Nail was not original or spooky. It follows a small cadre of somewhat well known actors as they seek out an existence following the end of the world. Their existence consists of trying to find food and living in an abandoned hospital. Apparently, most of the world’s population died when the world ran out of gas. Something about not being able to move food, get electricity, or other basic services. People got hungry and killed each other. Our heroes are in trouble when they are hunted down one by one by a group of cannibals that are seeking out an existence of a different kind. I was bored. I give this a “C.” Rent 28 Days Later, Doomsday, Mad Max, or Soylent Green; they are all much better.


I applaud these independent film makers for getting their movie made. I applaud them for nothing else. Our adulterous main character comes home from a rendezvous to a world gone mad. Turns out everyone has been infected by a signal that is attacking people over the television airwaves. People go nuts, including our adulterous main character’s spouse. They get visions and see awful things and, of course, they kill one another. Not a very happy movie. I give it an “F.”


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