Saturday, October 11, 2008

An American Carol

New review from The Movie Snob

An American Carol (D-). I hoped that this comedic attack on brain-dead leftism would be good, but I feared that it would not. My fears were realized. I had hope at the beginning, as "Sweet Home Alabama" began to play and the opening shot showed Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun) cooking burgers at a Fourth of July cookout. Alas, he begins telling his grandkids a story, and that story makes up pretty much the rest of the movie. Loosely based on A Christmas Carol, the tale is about a slovenly left-wing documentarian obviously based on Michael Moore. In the midst of his campaign to abolish Fourth of July celebrations, he is visited by the spirits of JFK, General Patton, and George Washington, and they endeavor to show him that there is much more right than wrong with America. The movie's heart is in the "right" place, from my perspective, but I chuckled maybe twice the whole time, and the whole thing had a real amateurish feel to it. To my chagrin, I cannot recommend it.


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