Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Women

Movie review from The Movie Snob

The Women (D). OK, here's what happened. I was all set to go catch a matinee of Tropic Thunder, which apparently has a lot of shooting and explosions and stuff. Then my cousin Diane calls, to see if I want to go see a movie. Well, small wonder, Tropic Thunder is not high on her list. After 45 minutes of negotiations, we finally settle on this. I knew the reviews had been tepid at best, but still, you can't deny it has a high-caliber cast--even a cameo from Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Episode VI: The One with the Ewoks)! Alas, it was terrible. Not witty enough to be a comedy, not involving enough to succeed as a drama, the movie just lies there on the screen, inert. And didn't Meg Ryan (Joe Versus the Volcano) get some terrible plastic surgery on her lips a while back? They look like they've pretty much returned to normal now. I wonder if the 1939 version with Joan Crawford (Grand Hotel) is any better.


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