Saturday, January 03, 2009


New review from The Movie Snob

Twilight (C). I am totally unfamiliar with the book on which this movie is based, but I gathered from the media that it was something about teenaged vampires in love. I know, it sounds good, but it is surprisingly lame in execution. First of all, why do these new-fangled vampires break all the standard vampire rules? Daylight doesn't kill 'em, mirrors don't faze 'em, and there's nary a wooden stake in sight. Anyhoo, an angsty teen named Bella (Kristen Stewart, Zathura) moves to a small town in Washington State. No sooner has she started school than she falls in love with one of the apparently very few vampire members of the student body, the pallid Edward Cullen. Talk about the good girl being attracted to the bad boy! But of course Edward isn't so bad, even though his natural instinct is to eat her up with more than just his smoldering eyes. The acting is weak, and it's hard to imagine what a hundred-year-old vampire like Ed would see in a moony teenager like Bella. Seriously, Stewart's acting is not good. She's all fluttery eyelids, weird facial twitches, and incoherent utterances. Maybe C is too generous...


Anonymous Rachel B said...

Hey. Try reading the 4 books. Much better than the movies (clearly there'll be more to come). I read all 4 in a week. Sometimes the imagination is better than the big screen. Surprise. :0)

8:29 AM  

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