Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden of Evil

DVD review from The Movie Snob

Garden of Evil (C+). This was the last of a trio of Westerns I bought as a package, along with Rawhide and The Gunfighter. It is only a middling movie, but I must say it looked great on The Borg Queen's giant HD TV. It was filmed in Cinemascope, which I gather was some sort of ultra-widescreen format. Anyway, three Americans are stranded in sleepy Mexican village when the ship they are traveling on blows its engine. There's the mysterious and laconic Westerner (Gary Cooper, High Noon), the voluble gambler Fiske (Richard Widmark, How the West Was Won), and the hot-headed young bounty hunter Daly (Cameron Mitchell, Death of a Salesman). Then the lovely Leah Fuller (Susan Hayward, Rawhide) bursts onto the scene, promising scads of money to anyone who will travel with her into the Mexican wilderness to help her rescue her injured husband (Hugh Marlowe, Rawhide) from a collapsed gold mine. The three Americans, plus one Mexican fellow, sign on for the journey deep into the territory of the deadly Apache Indians. Drama and adventure, more or less, ensue. It's not particularly believable, but the scenery is nice, and it's hard not to like Cooper and Hayward.


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