Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny Girl

Stage review from The Movie Snob

Funny Girl. I'm sorry to report that it is too late for you to see Irving Lyric Stage's production of Funny Girl. I saw the show last night, and I believe it closed today. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show, even for someone like me who had never seen it before. I understand that Barbra Streisand pretty much owns the leading role of Fanny Bryce, but Kristin Dausch, the 22-year-old actress who played it in this production, did an exceptional job, especially with the singing. Based on a true story (loosely, from what Wikipedia says), the musical is the story of Fanny Bryce, a talented singer and actress who made it big in vaudeville, film, and radio way back when. She did not consider herself attractive, so she compensated by being funny--she was, perhaps, the Carol Burnett of her day. Of course there's a love story, as Fanny falls for the handsome gambler Nick Arnstein. It's a fine show, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. If you haven't ever treated yourself to a show by the Irving Lyric Stage, you are missing out!


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