Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Box

A new review from The Borg Queen

The Box (D+). This movie you can probably skip. It starts with an intriguing concept about a mysterious stranger dropping off a box at the home of a typical suburban family. They are presented with the option of pushing the button in the box within 24 hours, and if they do they will receive a million dollars. The catch is that somebody they don't know will die. They set the stage to suggest that the family has financial issues, but frankly it was forced, and the financial issues they faced were hardly significant and certainly didn't warrant killing an innocent person. So of course they push the button (or there would be no movie), and a plethora of unintended consequences ensue. The problem is that not only is the movie predictable, extremely slow-moving and nothing special to look at, but it also doesn't make any sense from start to finish. I give it a "B" for effort but a "D+" for execution.


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