Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mid-August Lunch

Movie review from The Movie Snob

Mid-August Lunch (B). This is a charming little (75 minutes) Italian movie about a tiny slice of real life. Gianni is a ordinary Italian guy on the high side of 50. He's out of work and getting into financial trouble with the condominium where he and his elderly mother live. The Italian mid-August holiday is coming up, and the condo's administrator offers to cut him some slack if he'll take the administrator's own elderly mother in for a couple of days. He agrees, and the administrator shows up with his mother -- and his Aunt Maria. Before long, a fourth elderly woman is added to Gianni's boarding house. There are no murders, sex scenes, or robots shooting lasers in this movie; just a glimpse of a couple of days in the lives of Gianni and these four ladies (played to perfection by four non-actresses, as it happens). Worth a look.


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