Thursday, November 29, 2007

Into the Wild

New review from The Movie Snob

Into the Wild (A-). Maybe this is more of a B+, I can't decide, but in any event it is a good movie. I remember seeing a story about this kid on 20/20 years ago, and it was an attention-grabber. After finishing college in 1990, Chris McCandless simply dropped off the grid. Without ever getting in touch with his family, he started hiking and hitchhiking all over the country for the next two years. He read the classics, did some illegal river rafting without a permit, hung out with some hippies for a while, and eventually reached his goal of going alone into the Alaskan wildnerness. Frankly, I went into this movie expecting not to like McCandless, pegging him for a whiny Holden Caulfield type with nothing really to complain about. But I had him pegged wrong, at least if the movie is to be believed. To be clear, I still think he was an odd guy, but perhaps not without reasons. I do wonder how much of this movie is solidly grounded in fact and how much is made up. Anyway, I was engrossed, even though it comes it at a longish 2 hours and 20 minutes. Oh, and I was startled to see that he and I were born only about 6 weeks apart.


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