Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They Live by Night

DVD review from The Movie Snob

They Live by Night (C). The back of the DVD case says it all: "Young, in love -- and up to their necks in classic film-noir danger." Bowie Bowers is a 23-year-old convict. He busts out with two other hardcases, and while they're lying low, he meets Keechie, the young niece of one of the other cons. They fall in love, and for a while they manage to get by, keeping a low profile and living off the money Bowie saved from the threesome's last bank heist. But his two buddies blow all their dough and need Bowie to help them pull another job, and this starts him on the dark, noirish road to his final destiny. Not as good as some of the other films in this film noir collection, but not terrible. Also features Ian Wolfe, who guest-starred in a couple of episodes of the original Star Trek series.


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