Saturday, August 30, 2008

The House Bunny

New review from The Movie Snob

The House Bunny (C). Wendy and I were looking for a lighthearted matinee, and we settled on this movie. I am not familiar with much of star Anna Faris's work, but she was very good in Just Friends and Lost in Translation. She works very hard in this movie, which is based on a tried-and-true plot but just never takes off. Faris plays Playboy bunny Shelley, who is unexpectedly and unceremoniously kicked out of Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion the day after her 27th birthday party. Almost as clueless as she is homeless, she wanders into a gig as house mother to a sorority known as Zeta. The Zetas' house is falling apart, they have about 6 members, all misfits in some way or another, and they're in danger of losing their charter unless they can sign up 30 new pledges like, immediately. Of course, Shelley transforms them into foxy little ladies in no time, so surely they will manage to keep their charter--unless the scheming stuck-up girls at that other sorority pull some dirty trick! There are some funny moments and lots of not-so-funny moments. Gorgeous Katharine McPhee (TV's American Idol) is not bad as one of the Zetas, but the script makes her hugely and unamusingly pregnant (I guess because otherwise she'd have to be one of the mean girls). Another Zeta is a horribly, painfully unfunny knuckle-dragging Neanderthal from Idaho. Tom Hanks's lamentably average son Colin (TV's Roswell) atones for some unknown past sins by being forced to play Shelley's love interest. But, there are some decently amusing moments among the painful and crude ones. Like when Shelley tries to pronounce "philanthropy." I laughed every time.


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