Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Movie 1 & 2

DVD reviews from The Movie Snob

Scary Movie (F). Okay, so I saw this whole Scary Movie trilogy on sale for $13 at Walmart or someplace. I figured it had to be worth that low, low price, didn't it? Nope, at least not judging by the first entry in the series. The idea was to spoof Scream, with a side order of I Know What You Did Last Summer thrown in for good measure. Which was not a bad concept, but somebody decided it would be even better to smother the spoof elements under layer after layer of crude sexual humor, both visual and verbal. Really, I felt assaulted by this tasteless and offensive movie. Director Keenan Ivory Wayans deserves a stern talking-to by a grandmotherly figure of some sort.

Scary Movie 2 (F). Horrendous. Possibly even more offensive than the first one. How did they get people like James Woods (Ghosts of Mississippi) and Veronica Cartwright (Alien) to appear in this repellent film? (Tim Curry's appearance is somehow less surprising.) It is superior to the original in only two respects -- it is six minutes shorter (only 82 minutes), and it features an attractive actress named Kathleen Robertson who kind of reminds me of Kate Beckinsale (The Last Days of Disco). I apparently have seen Robertson before, in an independent flick called XX/XY, but I don't remember it well enough to recall her.


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