Sunday, February 08, 2009

New in Town

New review from The Movie Snob

New in Town (B). Eeep. Yes, I actually enjoyed this featherweight, by-the-numbers romantic comedy that currently has a stellar 29 rating on Am I getting soft in my old age? Am I that fond of scrunchy-faced ol' Renee Zellweger (Miss Potter)? Surely not, but there it is. Renee plays a rising star in some Miami-based corporate conglomerate who is packed off to Minnesota to fire half the workforce at a food-processing plant. It's cold there. Everybody talks like the policewoman from Fargo, except for the strapping and available union rep (Harry Connick, Jr., Copycat). Does Renee's hard-charging executive undergo a change of heart once she's exposed to these warm-hearted caricatures? Does Trudy Van Uuden want to steal Blanche Gunderson's prized tapioca recipe? You betcha. I'm not saying this is a great or even a good movie. I'm just saying it made for a pleasant Sunday matinee.


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