Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wendy and Lucy

From the desk of The Movie Snob

Wendy and Lucy (B). Has it really been two weeks since I went to the movie theater? Disgraceful. This is a good little independent flick starring Michelle Williams (The Station Agent). She plays a young woman named Wendy who is rather like a miniature version of the U.S. economy. She has decided to drive from Indiana to Alaska with her dog Lucy in search of work. Unfortunately her 1988 Honda Accord is not up to the challenge, and she has only about $500 to her name. Things go downhill quickly when her car breaks down in Oregon. Then she gets caught trying to shoplift some dog food, and while she's in the clink her dog disappears. It was very odd to hear my own sentiments -- if you can't afford dog food, you shouldn't have a dog -- coming out of the mouth of the punk teenager who catches her shoplifting. It is a touching movie, and you do feel for Wendy as her world crumbles around her because she seems like a perfectly nice person. But I still thought that if she would just get rid of the dog, she could probably afford a bus ticket to Alaska.


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