Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Easy Virtue

Movie Man Mike delivers a different spin on a current release

Easy Virtue. (B+). This was a great light-hearted film. The quick English wit reminded me a bit of an Oscar Wilde play, but this one was based upon a play written by another English playwright, Noel Coward. The casting was spot-on, with Kristen Scott Thomas as Mrs. Whittaker, the mother. Colin Firth plays Mr. Whittaker, the father. Larita Whittaker (Jessica Biel) is an American racecar driver who has just married the Whittakers' son, John (Ben Barnes). Larita is a bit older than John. From the git-go, Mrs. Whittaker makes it clear that she disapproves of Larita and what's more, she doesn't want Larita and John to leave their country estate to move to the big city of London. The two women declare a polite war on one another and the fun begins. The butler, Furber (Kris Marshall), also provides some great comic relief. I recommend this independent film to our readers. It's a refreshing break from the action-packed summer blockbuster movies.


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