Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Video review from Movie Man Mike

Equilibrium. (B-) This film was broadcast on the Sci-Fi channel this past weekend. I was a little surprised that I had not seen it or heard of it before, as it stars Christian Bale. But the film was made before Bale debuted in Batman Begins and attained superstar status. It's probably a good thing that the film wasn't widely released because it might have hurt the debut of Batman Begins. Despite these observations, I enjoyed the film. If you like a film with lots of action-fighting and shooting--then this film will entertain you. The storyline is a little weak. The film is set sometime after the Third World War wherein mankind has determined that it can eradicate all further wars with a simple drug that suppresses all emotion. (Taking all emotion out of a film has a tendency to make it a little slow.) Removal of emotions also means removal of art and personal memorabilia that evoke feelings. In any event, there is a resistance force and Christian Bale is part of a special force of trained clerics whose job it is to eradicate the resistance. This film has shades of The Matrix, Gattica, and Blade Runner.


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