Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Another review from the pen of Movie Man Mike

Pandorum B. This Sci-fi/horror film was a little heavier on the horror side than I anticipated. It was extremely suspenseful. I was exhausted by the end of it. The story is set in the future when Earth’s natural resources are becoming rapidly depleted. Earth discovers another far away planet that is about as close to Earth’s own conditions as possible. A space ship with thousands of humans is launched on a multi-year journey to start a colony on the new planet. “Pandorum” is the name that was given to a type of psychological space sickness that seems a little bit like paranoia. The movie opens with flight crew Bower (played by Ben Foster) and Payton (played by Dennis Quaid) waking up from suspended animation to discover that something is wrong with the space ship. Bower heads towards the ship’s reactor to reset it and get the ship going, but he encounters some very unexpected obstacles along the way. This was a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi film that fits well within this “B” category of films. If you don’t see it at the theaters, it would make a good rental.


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