Wednesday, November 11, 2009


DVD review from The Borg Queen



This is an above-average made-for-TV miniseries about an asteroid that hits the Earth's moon, starring Natasha Henstridge (Species), James Cromwell (fondly known by the Borg Queen as Dr. Zefram Cochrane), David James Elliott, Stephen Culp, Benjamin Sadler, and Samantha Ferris (all individuals with numerous one-episode appearances on various TV shows). At first, the damage to Earth resulting from the asteroid seems relatively minimal, but subsequent unusual natural disturbances suggest otherwise. Soon enough, a team of scientists determines that the moon is on a crash-course with Earth, leaving only 39 days for Earth to avoid certain complete obliteration. I give this movie props for making efforts to be different from other impact-based disaster movies. Although there were elements of predictability, the movie did offer something new to the table in this genre. The special effects were also pretty good. The acting was B- caliber (of course, some were better/worse than others), there were some good personal story lines along the way, and I even shed a few tears (of course, that was a malfunction relating to my Borg implants). Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It is long (190 minutes), but good enough for a quiet night (or two quiet nights) in.


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