Saturday, December 01, 2007


New review from Movie Man Mike

Waitress. B+. I wanted to see this movie when it first hit the theaters, but I never made it. It lived up to my expectations. The characters are all oddballs living in smalltown USA . My favorite character was Andy Griffith, who had the best lines. He plays an old grouch who owns several businesses in town, including the restaurant where the main character, Jenna, works. Jenna is in an awful marriage to Earl. Earl is this controlling, nasty guy who cares only about himself. You got to love a writer who can dream up a character like Earl, and its scary to think that there are probably more Earl’s out there than one would like to believe. Jenna gets pregnant and meets Dr. Pomatter, played by Nathan Fillion, a very versatile actor. If you’ve never seen some of the roles Fillion has done, you’ve missed out. He’s good. Jenna’s real talent in life is inventing and baking pies. Much of the comedy in the film comes from the pies she dreams up to represent various situations she finds herself in. Some of the pies sound awesome and I found myself wanting to try them all just to see how they taste. If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted comedy, this one is worth the price of the rental.


Blogger Susana said...

This was a wonderful movie. It was refreshingly clean, well done, and fun to watch. I especially luv'd it considering the horrific tragedy of Adrienne Shelly's death shortly after the movie was made. This one I want to own.

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