Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Girl From Monaco

New review by The Movie Snob

The Girl From Monaco (C). In this French import, Bertrand Beauvois is a highly successful criminal defense attorney on the far side of 50. He is a very thoughtful and articulate fellow of unremarkable appearance. He goes to Monaco to defend a woman accused of a lurid crime--the murder of her much younger lover, a Russian who may have had mob ties. Consequently, the woman's son hires a bodyguard for Bertrand, and this fellow, Christophe, is a big dangerous fellow who says little and thinks . . . well, it's hard to know what he thinks, but he does a good job of looking after Bertrand. Anyway, careful and prudent Bertrand meets Audrey, a sexy local TV weathergirl maybe half his age, and perhaps to his surprise they start to have a torrid affair. Audrey is not only outrageously attractive but also utterly unhampered by inhibitions, and Bertrand's ability to defend the murder case is soon in danger of being compromised. And did I mention that Christophe is one of Audrey's undoubtedly numerous ex-boyfriends? It's not really a comedy and not quite a thriller, and the ending didn't really do it for me. But it's interesting enough, I guess, and the lithe Audrey is certainly easy on the eyes.


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